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The benefits of your membership

With IKK classic, everyone is in good hands. You profit from diverse services and benefits for your health.

Every insured person receives an electronic health insurance card with photo from IKK classic. The health card stores the reference data of the insured person so that they are easily available at every doctor’s visit. In the future, it will also offer the possibility of transferring and processing data electronically in a safe, quick, and simple manner. The prerequisite is the insured person’s consent because the security of your personal health data is the top priority.

Learn more about your personal benefits of a membership with IKK classic in every phase of life.

Young adults continue to be insured through their dependents’ co-insurance as part of their training/studies. Beginning at 25, students receive cost-effective health insurance for students.

With IKK classic as a health insurer, you receive top services at top conditions. In addition to statutory coverage, we award you the IKK Bonus for your healthy lifestyle: Use it for your regular medical checkups at the dentist or the statutory skin check from 35. Furthermore, we take over the costs for numerous alternative healing methods such as homeopathy or osteopathy. IKK classic also financially supports your participation in health courses such as back exercise training, yoga, or aqua fitness through the health account. If your daily life leaves no time for relaxing, then the IKK Active Days are exactly right for you! As an adult, you profit from a bonus of 100 euros.

Your children and spouse, if not subject to compulsory insurance, are optimally serviced through dependents’ co-insurance. Your co-insured family members receive all benefits of our bonus program and health account. Additionally, we support baby and toddler programs, and take over the full costs for the orthodontic treatment of your children.

Are you still in the process of family planning? We support you in your desire to have children with a partial takeover of the costs for artificial insemination.

With the bonus program, we reward you for your healthy lifestyle. Adults can look forward to 100 euros; everyone under 18 can receive 60 euros. From active exercise to preventive dentistry – there are many possibilities for proving a minimum of four healthy activities in order to profit at the end of the year. For people under 18, three activities are enough to secure the IKK Bonus.

Through the health account, every insured person has various health activities available. Health courses, alternative therapies, additional preventive offers for pregnant mothers, or special dental treatments for children: You decide what is especially important for your health. Through the health account, you receive a refund for a portion of the costs.

An overview of our contributions

Top services at top conditions: With our cost-effective contribution rate of 16.0 percent and our attractive service offerings, you are on the safe side with us.

Health insurance (general)

14.60 %  

Health insurance (discount)

14.00 %  

Additional contribution rate

1.40 %  

Pension insurance

18,70 %  

Unemployment insurance

3.00 %  

Nursing care insurance

2.35 %  

Additional contribution for nursing care insurance for people without children

0.25 %  

Since January 1st, 2015, the general contribution rate lies at 15.4 percent. The amount of your health insurance contribution is thus dependent on your income. Up to the income threshold, the contribution rate is proportionally based on your monthly pay. For nursing care insurance, the contributions are calculated as follows: People with children pay 2.35 percent of their gross salary, people without children pay 2.6 percent.

IKK classic co-insures your family members (children, spouse, and life partner as laid out by the LPartG) free of charge given certain prerequisites. This applies both to health and nursing care insurance.

There are several possibilities for your voluntary membership with IKK classic. Your contribution is dependent on your income as well as on whether and when you want to receive sickness benefits. We gladly make you an individual offer for your health insurance as a self-employed person.

The apprenticeship begins – now is the time for your own health insurance. The contributions are usually shared to equal parts by the apprenticing organization and the apprentice. If the revenue of the apprenticeship is under 325 euros, the apprenticing organization takes over the full costs.

Until the age of 25 (inclusive), students are in most cases still covered as dependents of one parent. This also includes university vacations. After the age of 25, individual rules apple, which we have summarized for you under health insurance for students.

The current contribution rate of 16.0 percent also applies for pensioners. The monthly contribution depends on the pension amount; 8.70 percent is borne by the insured pensioner and 7.30 percent is borne by the pension insurance institute.