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Enjoy our top benefits by switching to IKK classic – the health fund for your health! It’s very easy. We’ll be glad to tell you more about membership, our benefits, our premium rates and our service.

Become an IKK classic member in just three steps:

  • Step 1

    Download and complete the membership form.

  • Step 2

    Check the details entered, sign the form and post it to IKK classic.

  • Step 3

    We’ll confirm your membership and inform all parties, e.g. your employer or previous health fund.

    Use the stamped addressed envelope to send the documents to IKK classic free of charge.

    The advantages of being a member

    With IKK classic, everyone is in good hands. And you’ll enjoy all kinds of benefits and advantages for your health. 

    Every insured party is issued an electronic health card with ID photo. This card stores all your basic claims data so it can be easily retrieved when you visit a doctor.


    Learn more about the personal advantages of being an IKK classic member in each phase of life:


    Having IKK classic as your health fund gives you access to top benefits at top conditions. In addition to the statutory pension provisions, we’ll also reward you for your healthy lifestyle with the IKK Bonus, which you can use for regular dental check-ups or statutory skin checks once you turn 35. We also cover the costs of many alternative medical treatments, such as homeopathy and osteopathy. Plus, enjoy subsidised costs when attending quality-verified health courses such as back-strengthening courses, yoga or aqua fitness.


    Co-insured family members also enjoy all the advantages of our bonus programme. Plus, we cover baby and infant programmes, and offer free dental check-ups for your children.

    Still in the family-planning process? We’ll support you in your wish to have children by covering IVF costs on a pro-rata basis.

    Premiums list

    Top benefits at top conditions: with our low premium rate of 16,3% and our attractive range of benefits and services, we make sure you’re always on the safe side.

    Our service Your contribution rate

    Health insurance (general)

    14.60 %

    Health insurance (discounted)

    14.00 %

    Supplementary premium rate (2023)

    1.60 %

    Supplementary premium rate (2024)

    1.70 %

    Pension insurance

    18.60 %

    Unemployment insurance (2023)

    2.60 %

    Unemployment insurance (2024)

    2.60 %

    Long-term-care insurance

    3.40 %

    Premium surcharge for long-term-care for people without children

    0.60 %

    Parents with more than one child receive reductions on the contribution to long-term care insurance:

    Total number of children Contribution rate for long-term care insurance

    0 children for member over 23 years

    4.00 % (1 premium, employee contribution: 2.3 %)

    1 child (age does not matter)

    3.40 % (no  premium ; lifelong; employee contribution: 1.7 %)

    2 children under 25 years

    3.15 % (1 deduction; employee contribution: 1.45 %)

    3 children under 25 years

    2.90 % (2 deductions; employee contribution: 1.2 %)

    4 children under 25 years

    2.65 % (3 deductions; employee contribution: 0.95 %)

    5 children under 25 years

    2.40 % (4 deductions; employee contribution: 0.7 %)

    Additional children no longer affect the contribution rate.


    The monthly premium will depend on your income. It will not increase with age, nor through risk surcharges. Since 1 January 2024 the premium rate is 16,3%. It is calculated as a percentage your monthly wage up to the assessment ceiling. The premiums for long-term-care insurance are determined as follows: Those with children pay 3.40% of their gross wage. Those without children pay 4,0% of their gross wage.


    In certain cases, IKK classic will cover your family members (children, spouses and life partners as defined by the German Civil Partnership Act (LPartG)) as part of your premium – both for health insurance and long-term-care insurance.

    Self-employed people

    You have several options for voluntary membership with IKK classic. On the one hand, your premium can depend on your income, taking into account the statutory minimum assessment bases/assessment ceilings. On the other, it can depend on whether – and from when – you wish to receive sick pay in the event you are unable to work. We will be glad to provide you with a customised health-insurance quote for you as a self-employed person – contact us at


    Once your traineeship or apprenticeship has started, it’s definitely time to take out your own health insurance. The premiums are generally shared equally between the trainee and the institution providing the traineeship. If traineeship earnings are 325 euros or under, the institution providing the traineeship bears the costs in full.

    University students

    In most cases, university students will be covered under a parent’s family insurance up to the age of 25, including semester holidays. Thereafter, specific rules apply, and we have spelled these all out for you under ‘Insurance for university students’.


    The standard premium rate for all statutory health funds is currently 14.6%, and applies to both male and female pensioners. The premium is shared equally by the insured pensioner and the pension-insurance provider. The insured pensioner will also cover half of the individual supplementary premium.

    When can you switch?

    • As soon as your insurance contract changes (e.g. when changing employers)

    • or with two full calendar months’ notice*

    * If, for example, your membership form is received by 31 January, your membership will start on 1 April. IKK classic will cancel your policy with your previous health fund. All that’s required here is for you to have been insured with your current health fund for at least 12 months.

    Under certain conditions, it is also possible to switch from private health insurance. Simply talk to us about this and arrange a personal consultation.


    Special provision

    • The first time a supplementary premium is charged or increased, you are entitled to a right of extraordinary termination, regardless of how long you have been a member of your health fund.